Donald Wilson, CPA

Don Wilson, CPA
5870 Stoneridge Mall Rd #205
Pleasanton CA 94588

Office: (925) 463-8353
Cell: (530) 277-0778
Fax: (925) 463-8393


About Donald L. Wilson, CPA
I provide services for small to medium sized non-public entities and individuals. Business services include the preparation of financial statements for management purposes and approved third parties. The preparation of financial statements also includes, where requested, the discussion with management what the numbers mean and how to get meaningful information from the statements.

Business services also include the preparation of income tax returns and miscellaneous tax reports such as; payroll, unsecured business property statement, sales tax, business license, etc. Individual services include income tax compliance, tax planning and personal financial statements. I also consult with clients on the wisdom of financial investments such as real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. taking into consideration your income, tax advantages/disadvantages and goals.
Why Choose Me Over a Competitor
I have been in the accounting and tax arena since the day I graduated from college. Therefore, I have over 35 years of experience. Two things I have learned about accounting firms are that you either must be a large firm or a small firm. In between does not work very well for a lot of reasons.

I have chosen to go small. It allows me to have personal contact with my clients. There is no accounting staff and there is no back office. Everything that leaves my office has been prepared by me, or with your permission, by a skilled professional (such as a financial planner). I even answer my own phone calls. This personal attention keeps the overhead down and allows me to provide services at a reasonable rate. I have clients that I have never met, generally due to geographical reasons, but they have been with me for over 30 years because they like what they get!